Munching Caterpillars

Our main education project for 2014 is targeted at Primary Schools and is based upon Butterfly Conservation’s initiative “Munching Caterpillars” see Although nationally the Munching Caterpillars programme is focused on southern counties Branches throughout the country are invited to make use of the resources that have been developed..

In order to ensure that the project is manageable at the local level six schools have been invited to participate in this, the first year of the initiative in Cheshire. To date five have confirmed their eagerness to be involved;

Charles Darwin Community Primary School, Northwich
Leftwich Community Primary School, Northwich
St. Bedes Catholic Primary School, Weaverham
Kingsmead Community Primary School, Northwich
Hartford Manor Community Primary School, Hartford

Meetings are in hand with representatives from each of the schools in order to tailor the project to their specific needs. Some of the schools are intending to run the project across the whole school whilst others are limiting it to individual years. The projects will involve growing plants as both nectar sources for adult butterflies and moths, and food plants for their caterpillars. All schools will have access to moth traps and identification support so that the children can get closer to nature.

Throughout the year there will be butterfly and moth themed activities, focused on life cycles and conservation and linked wherever possible to national themes, but always with a local focus.