Pear Tree Primary School

One of the beneficiaries of the Tatton Park Show was Pear Tree Primary School, which is a brand new school located on Pear Tree Lane in the middle of the attractive new residential area close to Stapely Water Gardens, just outside Nantwich.

The garden group was asked to go along to the school and see how they could assist in their wish to create a butterfly garden. Brian Cornelius, one of our members, volunteered to lead the project and initially found the area allocated by the school to be completely overgrown with grass. However, with the help of teacher Emma Keeping plus her boyfriend and the caretaker, the site was cleared, a butterfly shape carved out and the plants from the show bedded in.

Of all the plants that were planted in July, only one failed to make it. The rest have made very good progress despite the hot dry August. The children enjoy going along to the garden and during the autumn term they have been helping with the weeding. Butterflies have been seen visiting the garden which is clearly encouraging for all.

Additional planting has been undertaken to create a few wild flower patches plus some spring flowering plants, including Hesperis matronalis (sweet rocket) and Forget-me-not, the latter two being favoured plants of early flying butterflies.

With the exception of the wild flowers and herbs the plants have been given a good mulch to give them a head start for next year.

Emma rotavating the grassy area with boy friend and caretaker diggin with spades The first stage of the garden complete with more to come in autumn