Holly Blue (Celastrina argiolus)

Cheshire local information

When to see: April - May, July-September

Where to see: Gardens, parks, hedgerows and woodland edges with the presence of holly or ivy.

Behaviour: Patrol?

Wingspan: 27-34mm

Caterpillar food plant: Holly (Ilex aquifolium) in spring and Ivy (Hedera helis) in summer are the main food plants.

Cheshire status: Normally a common and widespread resident, although cyclical fluctuations occur with rapid increases in population followed by equally sharp declines. During the 1990ís peak numbers were seen in 1992 and again in early 1999. Double-brooded flying from mid-April to early June and the second generation from mid-July to early September.

Holly Blue butterflies (mating - right female, left male)
Holly Blue butterfly (female)