White-letter Hairstreak (Satyrium w-album)

Peak District local information

When to see: June to August

Where to see: Hedgerows, woodland edges, mixed scrub and isolated mature Elm trees

Behaviour: Perch

Wingspan: 25-36mm

Caterpillar food plant: Wych Elm (Ulmus glabra), English Elm (U. procera) and Small-leaved Elm (U. minor)

Peak District status: A rather scarce resident, but probably partially overlooked. Most known sites are located in the White Peak Dales where some mature Wych Elms have survived the worst ravages of Dutch Elm disease. On the wing from early July to mid-August.

In 2003 the branch was involved in the Butterfly Bus in Halton, Cheshire that allowed people to see the butterfly up close. Watch a film about the Butterfly Bus (Windows Media Audio/Video File 0.8Mb - © MMIII Dream Catcher Films).

White-letter Hairstreak butterfly
White-letter Hairstreak butterfly