Cheshire Moths

This is a list of the 100 most seen moths in Cheshire. The list will be expanded more pictures and information in the future. To learn how this list was compiled or how to record your moth sighting visit our moth recording page.

  Vernacular Taxon
Silver Y moth Silver Y Autographa gamma
Silver-ground Carpet moth Silver-ground Carpet Xanthorhoe montanata
Common Carpet moth Common Carpet Epirrhoe alternata
Cinnabar moth Cinnabar Tyria jacobaeae
Large Yellow underwing moth Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba
Common Marbled Carpet moth Common Marbled Carpet Chloroclysta truncata
Snout moth Snout Hypena proboscidalis
Brimstone Moth Brimstone Moth Opisthograptis luteolata
Clouded Border moth Clouded Border Lomaspilis marginata
  Common White Wave Cabera pusaria
Angle Shades moth - click here for a bigger picture Angle Shades Phlogophora meticulosa
Dark Arches moth Dark Arches Apamea monoglypha
Riband Wave moth - click here for a bigger picture Riband Wave Idaea aversata
Yellow Tail moth Yellow-tail Euproctis similis
  July Highflyer Hydriomena furcata
  Shaded Broad-bar Scotopteryx chenopodiata
Square-spot Rustic moth Square-spot Rustic Xestia xanthographa
Common Quaker moth Common Quaker Orthosia cerasi
Hebrew Character moth Hebrew Character Orthosia gothica
Lesser Yellow Underwing moth Lesser Yellow Underwing Noctua comes
Light Emerald moth Light Emerald Campaea margaritata
Heart and Dart moth Heart and Dart Agrotis exclamationis
Mottled Beauty moth Mottled Beauty Alcis repandata
Common Wave moth Common Wave Cabera exanthemata
Dun-bar moth Dun-bar Cosmia trapezina
  Middle-barred Minor Oligia fasciuncula
  Smoky Wainscot Mythimna impura
Winter Moth Winter Moth Operophtera brumata
  Brown Silver-line Petrophora chlorosata
Mottled Umbar moth Mottled Umber Erannis defoliaria
Willow Beauty moth Willow Beauty Peribatodes rhomboidaria
Ingrailed Clay moth Ingrailed Clay Diarsia mendica
Garden Carpet moth Garden Carpet Xanthorhoe fluctuata fluctuata
Yellow Shell moth Yellow Shell Camptogramma bilineata
Small Square-spot moth Small Square-spot Diarsia rubi
Flame Shoulder moth Flame Shoulder Ochropleura plecta
Clay moth Clay Mythimna ferrago
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing moth Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Noctua janthe
White Ermine moth White Ermine Spilosoma lubricipeda
Common Pug moth Common Pug Eupithecia vulgata
Vapourer moth Vapourer Orgyia antiqua
Small Fan-footed Wave moth Small Fan-footed Wave Idaea biselata
Marbled Beauty moth Marbled Beauty Cryphia domestica
  Straw Dot Rivula sericealis
Peppered Moth Peppered Moth Biston betularia
Flame moth Flame Axylia putris
Common Rustic moth Common Rustic agg. Mesapamea secalis agg.
Clouded Drab moth Clouded Drab Orthosia incerta
  Common Footman Eilema lurideola
  Antler Cerapteryx graminis
Buff Ermine moth Buff Ermine Spilosoma luteum
Poplar Hawk-moth Poplar Hawk-moth Laothoe populi
  Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Zygaena lonicerae
  Svensson's Copper Underwing Amphipyra berbera svenssoni
Ruby Tiger moth Ruby Tiger Phragmatobia fuliginosa
Flounced Rustic moth Flounced Rustic Luperina testacea
Early Grey moth Early Grey Xylocampa areola
Single-dotted Wave moth Single-dotted Wave Idaea dimidiata
Small Phoenix moth Small Phoenix Ecliptopera silaceata
Bright-line Brown-eye moth Bright-line Brown-eye Lacanobia oleracea
Small Quaker moth Small Quaker Orthosia cruda
  Grey Pug Eupithecia subfuscata
Foxglove Pug moth Foxglove Pug Eupithecia pulchellata
Burnished Brass moth Burnished Brass Diachrysia chrysitis
  Engrailed Ectropis bistortata
Setaceous Hebrew Character moth Setaceous Hebrew Character Xestia c-nigrum
Double Square-spot moth Double Square-spot Xestia triangulum
Chestnut Conistra vaccinii
Short-cloaked moth Short-cloaked Moth Nola cucullatella
Dot Moth Dot Moth Melanchra persicariae
Small Angle Shades moth Small Angle Shades Euplexia lucipara
Scalloped Oak moth Scalloped Oak Crocallis elinguaria
Beautiful Golden Y Autographa pulchrina
  Small Rivulet Perizoma alchemillata
Brindled Pug moth Brindled Pug Eupithecia abbreviata
Double-striped Pug moth Double-striped Pug Gymnoscelis rufifasciata
Rosy Rustic moth Rosy Rustic Hydraecia micacea
  Barred Straw Eulithis pyraliata
Coxcomb Prominent moth Coxcomb Prominent Ptilodon capucina
Early Thorn moth Early Thorn Selenia dentaria
Plain Golden Y moth Plain Golden Y Autographa jota
Scalloped Hazel moth Scalloped Hazel Odontopera bidentata
Canary-shouldered Thorn moth Canary-shouldered Thorn Ennomos alniaria
Spectacle moth Spectacle Abrostola tripartita
Flame Carpet moth Flame Carpet Xanthorhoe designata
Buff Arches moth Buff Arches Habrosyne pyritoides
Chinese Character moth Chinese Character Cilix glaucata
Bordered White moth Bordered White Bupalus piniaria
  Clouded Silver Lomographa temerata
  Uncertain Hoplodrina alsines
Pebble Hook-tip moth Pebble Hook-tip Drepana falcataria
Grey Dagger moth Dark / Grey Dagger Acronicta psi agg.
Ghost Moth Ghost Moth Hepialus humuli
  Latticed Heath Chiasmia clathrata
  Swallow-tailed Moth Ourapteryx sambucaria
  Common Heath Ematurga atomaria
  Least Yellow Underwing Noctua interjecta caliginosa
Swallow Prominent Swallow Prominent Pheosia tremula
Iron Prominent moth Iron Prominent Notodonta dromedarius
Lesser Swallow Prominent moth Lesser Swallow Prominent Pheosia gnoma